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Canadian Shona Holmeshad a brain tumor and was told by her government health care agency to wait 6months for treatment. In Canada she had no choice. The government had spoken. So Shona mortgaged her home and came to the UnitedStates for immediate treatment--that saved her life. Click her for Shona's story. It's powerful...and frightening.


When you hear the politicians in Washington talk about the idea of "fixing" our health care, do you know what it could mean for you and your family?


*Government between you and your doctor--with government regulations "guiding" your assigned doctor's decisions.


*Medical treatments denied if you, or a loved one, are deemed too old or chronically ill.


*Long waits for life-saving treatments and even longer lines for basic medical procedures.


We at Americans for Prosperity Foundation have launched a project called Patients United Now ( to educate patients like you and your parents and your children and other loved ones exactly on what's at stake in this health care policy debate.


Here are three key action items you can take to stop a Washington takeover of health care.



OurPatients United Now team is traveling the nation telling the truth about what a government takeover of health care will mean for all of us. Come out and be heard--bring your friends and family! Find an event near you.


You may see our new AFP Foundation Communications Director, Amy Menefee, on the road or on the news as our Patients United Now initiative continues to gain momentum.


My wife, Julie, and I have four children. We cannot imagine the government deciding which doctors they can see and the treatments for which they are "eligible."


Julie's mother faces Alzheimer's. We cannot imagine certain medical treatments being denied by the government because of her age, but that's exactly what bureaucrats could do in Washington.


As part of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, you've worked to defend our economic freedoms. Today, I'm asking you to stand up and defend your own health care.