NetRight Daily: Sonia Sotomayor Day 2

Sonia Sotomayor: The 'Empathy' Nominee: In making Sonia Sotomayor his first nominee for the Supreme Court yesterday, President Obama appears to have found the ideal match for his view that personal experience and cultural identity are the better part of judicial wisdom.


Romer, Bernanke, and the Flying Donkeys: In Romer, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has a willing accomplice in his quest to print money, errr...I mean engage in quantitative easing. Like Romer, Bernanke is an expert on the Great Depression. Like Romer, Bernanke believes that the solution to our current economic ills lies in devaluing the dollar through monetary expansion. After all, Bernanke promised Milton Friedman that the Fed would never again refrain from providing liquidity during a downturn like it did during the Great Depression.


Obama and the South Park Gnomes: It turns out that Hope was not merely the gassy, evasive rhetoric that we on the right assumed it to be. Unfortunately for us all, it turns out that mere Hope is in fact nearly the sum and entirety of Obama's plans for America. In virtually every policy, "Hope" -- as in "Hope that a policy announcement somehow changes reality" -- is pretty much the working guts and engine of the "policy."


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