CPR-Action - Launches new TV ad, "His Word"

Concord – Today, CPR-Action in conjunction with the National Organization for Marriage launched the new television ad, "His Word".


Commenting on the ad, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, stated, “From the very moment the Governor introduced thisamendment, we believed he did so as cover for having flipped his position on gay marriage. Muchlike the "religious amendment"madeto HB 436 in the Senate,the Governor and Legislature are playing politcs by crafting sham amendments as excuses to vote for gay marriage andpretending to placatethe religious community at the same time. If they were truly concerned about thecitizens' religious beliefs,they would have included language that coversthe conscience of private individuals and business owners who oppose gay marriage because of such."


Smith added, "The bottom line here is the Governor needs to stop playing politics withgay marriage. He said he would veto it if his language did not pass, which it didn't. It is timefor the Governor tofinally keep his word, vetothis legislation, and get on with the real work of the state."



The newad begins airingThursday, 5/28,on cable and network affiliate,WMUR,in New Hampshire, and willcontinue through Sunday, 5/31.


The following is the script for the ad, “His Word”

The ad can be accessed through the following website: