Heritage - Supreme Court Rapid Response Page

The Heritage Foundation is maintaining two important Rapid Response web pages on the Supreme Court Vacancy and the Energy Tax (aka Cap and Trade).


These pages will be updated regularly with new Heritage research, so bookmark the links and check back often.


Supreme Court Vacancy Rapid Response Page


On Tuesday, President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Souter on the Supreme Court.


Here are links to three articles, written before President Obama’s announcement, which discuss a possible Sotomayor nomination:


Stuart Taylor, “Identity Politics and Sotomayor” (about her Latina judges speech)



Jeff Rosen, “The Case Against Sotomayor” (former colleagues comment on her temperament)



Richard Cohen’s Washington Post article, “A Firefighter’s Litmus Test”




Energy Tax – Cap and Trade/Global Warming Rapid Response Page


Last week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted for “Cap and Trade” energy tax legislation that would severely damage the economy. Heritage economists and analysts have been closely tracking this issue and we are posting their findings on our rapid response page. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could now bring this tax on your utility and gasoline bills up for consideration by the full House of Representatives at any time.



Please feel free to use Heritage research and commentaries as a resource to help you write letters to the editor, blog posts, July 4th Tea Party speeches, or correspondence to your members of Congress.