CEI Weekly: Government Subsidized and Union Owned

>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Ivan Osorio on the United Auto Workers and the Recession

Ivan Osorio featured on CNBC



[VIDEO] John Berlau Debates Corporate Insurance Policies

John Berlau featured on CNBC



Someone Has to Pay the Piper

John Berlau featured in The New York Times



I’m All Right, Barack: The Perils of a Nationalized Car Maker

Iain Murray featured in The National Review Online



Climate Smart Aid Is Anything But

William Yeatman featured in The International Affiars Forum



Insurance Plan Won't Work

Christian Camara featured in The Miami Herald



California’s Sorry State Points to America’s Future

Iain Murray and William Yeatman featured in The Fox Forum



Beach Plan Fix Requires Higher Insurance Rates on Coast

Eli Lehrer featured in The Enquirer-Journal




>>Best of the Blogs

Laffer Curve No Laughing Matter

by Ryan Young

"Setting aside the debate over what constitutes an “optimal level of taxation” and the Laffer curve’s other political implications, Maryland provides a good example of how “soak-the-rich” tax policies can lead to disastrous fiscal results."



Does the ethanol mandate increase CO2 emissions?

by Marlo Lewis

"That may seem counter-intuitive . . . But other factors come into play, such as the fossil energy inputs required to produce the corn, turn it into ethanol, and deliver the ethanol to market."



More Bailouts at Taxpayer Expense

by Hans Bader

"The Obama Administration has now devoted at least $250 billion to mortgage bailouts, including high-income borrowers whose mortgage payments are not excessive, but who face financial difficulties because of other debts they incurred through excessive consumption. This will increase a deficit that now exceeds $1.8 trillion. Obama’s budget would increase the national debt over the budgets left behind by the Bush Administration by a phenomenal 26.3% of the economy."



A Bleak Regulatory Future for the Tech Sector

by Elizabeth Jacobson

"The problem with going after tech companies for having too large of market share is that often times, these companies benefit from network effects: the more people who use a product or service, the more that service becomes mainstream and useful, and thus the more people begin to use it, and so on. . .The industry has done extremely well, bothfor itself and for its customers, without any “help”from government intervention. Let’s leave Silicon Valley alone."




>>CEI in the News

The New York Times--Eli Lehrer



The National Underwriter--Eli Lehrer



CQ Weekly Vantage Point--Eli Lehrer



The World Energy Source--Myron Ebell



The Florida Sun Sentinel--Eli Lehrer





Episode 44: Is Sotomayor the New Souter?

We begin with breaking legal news as we assess President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, federal appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor. We then move on to the details of the General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies, corporate CEOs trying to get rich off of global warming and the new top man at NASA. We finish up with the expanding Parliamentary scandal in the UK, Microsoft preparing to battle Google on search and some family-friendly Olympic News



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