CPR Action - Reacts to Comm. of Conference Report on HB73

Says it is unfortunate Senator Roberge was removed from the Committee


Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith,made the following statement regarding the conference committee reporton HB73, and the removal of Senator Roberge from the committee:


"It is quite obvious from today's committee of conferenceon HB73, that the Legislature is looking to ram this bill through the process at any cost. The changes made to the Senate version of HB73 offer more religious window dressing at best - there were virtually no changesmade to the language the House voted down. Additionally, Senator Roberge offered very 'real' amendments allowing for boththe "freedom of religious conscience" and a non-binding referendum on the issue. It is not only a shame that the rest of the committeewould not agreeto these reasonable changes, but it is even more unfortunate that Senator Roberge had to thenbe removed from the committee in order for them to get the results they wanted and continue the gay marriage charade."