NRCC Sends Mailer on Shea-Porter's Anti-Military Record

“Democrat Accountability Offensive” Details Carol Shea-Porter’s Rejection of Funding for Troops


Washington - The NRCC is announcing a new mailing aimed at holding Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) accountable for rejecting critical funding for American soldiers and their families. Shea-Porter voted against a bi-partisan bill that provided billions in extra pay, veterans’ benefits and aid for military families. The bill also included an emphasis on funds for those men and women who were wounded defending our nation.

“It is unfortunate that Carol Shea-Porter once again sided with the extremist wing of her party and against our brave soldiers and their families,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “For Shea-Porter to reject this critical, bi-partisan bill only highlights how out of touch she is with the concerns of her constituents.”


Carol Shea-Porter voted against:


Providing $488 million to help soldiers wounded in combat recover and remain on active duty or transition to civilian life.


$1.2 billion for health and other programs to support military families.


$1.1 billion for hospital construction to address military and veteran hospitals that are decades old and don’t meet current standards for medical care


Providing an additional $500 per month to service members who had their enlistments involuntarily extended under stop-loss orders.


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CarolShea-Porter (NH-01)