Newsmax - The Vaccine Menace: Hold That Flu Shot!

Vaccine Madness:

Private Profits from Health Hysteria . . .

A monstrous public health menace quietly threatens millions of people — you and your family included.

What's worse . . . everyone is ignoring it — government authorities, the media, and most likely, your own doctor.

It isn't a bacteria or virus. It isn't something in the air you breathe or the water you drink.

The truth is that we're squandering our health on wasteful and dangerous policies that force children to undergo massive, indiscriminate, and poorly-tested immunizations.

And that's not all. Because we're kept in the dark about this health threat, millions of adults are also driven into the welcoming arms of profit-making vaccine manufacturers.

The routine use of vaccines to protect us from disease is so deeply entrenched that most people never question whether it's a good idea. Medical organizations and government agencies have us convinced that forced vaccination is an essential cornerstone of public health.

Surprisingly, the authorities who promote all these immunizations don't delve very deeply into the details of the scientific research. There are plenty of warning signs (for those willing to look) that vaccinations can do a lot of harm — maybe even more harm than good.

Your Natural Immunity is Best

Immunizations are supposed to help your body fight off disease. What's ironic is that by overusing vaccines, you're actually weakening your immune system — the most important defense against illness in the first place.

You might be doing damage to your brain, too. The live virus found in many vaccines takes a huge toll on your brain cells which are already fighting off the effects of pesticides, industrial chemicals, and other nerve poisons found nearly everywhere in the environment.

Children can be at even greater risk.

It's not easy surviving childhood these days. Before your child or grandchild hits her first birthday, there are no fewer than twenty-four different vaccines she's supposed to get.

That means 24 different chemical and biological attacks her not-yet-fully-developed immune system has to cope with. And twenty-four different chances for possible contaminants, preservatives, and impurities to enter her system.

Then there's a slew of additional vaccines and boosters awaiting your child before she starts school at age five or six.

Adults are targeted too. The proponents of vaccination want you to line up for a series of booster shots every few years. And when you're older, there's the flu shot you're supposed to take each winter.

But don't worry. After all, there's a government agency checking vaccines to make sure they're safe.

Isn't there?

Not really . . .. Did you know that more than 40 of the vaccines used in this country are manufactured in China? (It's anybody's guess how many it will be next year.)

Shockingly, the FDA only checks these Chinese factories once every 13 years.

It's not only contaminants and impurities you have to worry about. Not many people are aware of the alarming truth — mutated versions of viruses used in some vaccines can hide out in your body for decades!

What's Right for You and Your Children?

Where can you turn for objective facts about immunization? The proponents of vaccination, blinded by the profit motive, can't be trusted. Nor can you trust the government watchdogs that are supposed to be looking out for you.

That's where Newsmax medical editor (and noted neurosurgeon) Dr. Russell Blaylock steps in. With timely, accurate and, at times ground-breaking information. (In fact, that's where I found out about the vaccine information I've been telling you about . . .)

In this month's Blaylock Wellness Report, The Trouble with Vaccines, Dr. Blaylock exposes the myths that keep you unnecessarily running to the vaccine makers.

Here's more of what you'll discover:


Fifty years ago, there was no vaccine for measles, mumps, or chicken pox. Were there horrifying epidemics of children dying from these common diseases?

Not at all. Children were able to combat these illnesses the natural way — with their own immune systems. And as a consequence, their immune systems were strengthened. They still enjoy lifetime immunity from these diseases.

The same can't be said of today's vaccinated children. They'll require periodic booster shots throughout life, because the protection that comes from a vaccine isn't as effective as naturally acquired immunity.


The death rates from diseases such as whooping cough and polio were all falling dramatically — some by as much as 75% — before programs for mass immunization were instituted.

Why? The vaccine companies try to take credit for this achievement. But the real reason was improved nutrition and sanitation.


Vaccinations suppress your immune system for weeks or months. You're in the same precarious position as someone with an HIV infection. You have a heightened risk of contracting another disease (chicken pox, meningitis, or something else) in the weeks after getting a vaccine.


And much, much more . . .


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