Today's Top Stories on NetRight Nation

The Government Is Out To Get "Right Wing Extremists":The Department of Homeland Security's release of the "right-wing extremism" report should anger everyone. Janet Napolitano's faux apology to veterans glossed over the real message of this memo: to intimidate the 60 million Americans who voted against Obama.


The Establishment Unmasked: Who says socialists and liberals can't learn? With just a bit over 100 days of the Obama regime behind us, the Hard Left is realizing one of the great truths of American politics; a hard fact that conservatives have known and suffered under for quite a long time.


Sims Nomination Mocks Obama's Transparency Claims: President Barack Obama has settled on a train-wreck of a nominee for Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). On Tuesday, the Senate, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee approved Ronald Sims in a voice vote. They did so despite having credible information indicating financial mismanagement and ethical transgressions, including two egregious abuses of a state freedom of information law.


Obama Plan Destroys Insurance Industry: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) admits Obama Healthcare plan will destroy Insurance Industry.


White House Waterboards Bondholders: If water-boarding of terrorists is torture and as a result criminal, why is it that the financial equivalent of water-boarding is now routinely practiced not by the CIA on terrorists, but by the White House, Treasury and The Fed on bondholders, investors and CEO's.


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