Workforce Fairness Institute - Video of Union Bosses "At Work"

Dear Friend,

As soon as I saw this video I knew immediately that I had to share it with you. While the workers at this Ford plant in Michigan are hard at work, their union bosses are hardly working. The contrast between the workers and their union bosses could not be more stark. The workers in the plant are building cars and keeping our economy on track, while their big labor “leaders” are abusing the system to line their own pockets. This is not just wrong, it’s an outrage.

In this tough economy, where both employees and business owners are struggling to make ends meet, it’s sad to see Big Labor bosses squandering and misusing worker dues.

Now, these same union executives are asking us to trust them as they push for the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act, legislation which would kill jobs. All the while, they are making statements that lack credibility and honesty. The head of Michigan AFL-CIO thinks that the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act would “prevent against the kind of economic collapse that has crippled the nation.” In truth, EFCA would stifle productivity, diminish workers rights, and result in a hostile takeover of small businesses across the country.

You already know and understand the dangers of EFCA, but many of your friends do not. Please share this video along with this petition with your friends so they can learn about the mentality behind those pushing for EFCA in Washington, D.C. To compete with the millions of dollars from Big Labor, we need a louder, stronger voice – will you recruit your friends to join our movement?