Poetry Society of NH - NH Poets Laureate to Read Under the Dome

The Poetry Society of New Hampshire will celebrate New Hampshire’s Poets Laureate with a reading by Walter Butts and Patricia Fargnoli, current state poet laureate and his immediate predecessor, on June 20th at 3PM under the New Hampshire State Library dome. The public is invited to bring a favorite poem by any of the NH poets laureate to share, time permitting. Light refreshments will follow. Contact poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com or 603-332-0732 if you have any questions. This event is free and open to the public.


The NH State Library is located at 20 Park Street in Concord, NH


The Poetry Society of NH is a non profit, state-wide membership organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry. The society publishes the quarterly journal The Poets Touchstone, sponsors poetry contests and hosts poetry readings and workshops. The society also publishes anthologies, most recently The 2008 Poets Guide to NH and The Other Side of Sorrow, Poets Speak Out About Conflict, War and Peace, and the occasional chapbook. The society can be reached at poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com