LPNH Urges House to Concur on HB436

Send marriage equality bill to the Governor

CONCORD -- Today the NH House has the opportunity to concur with their colleagues in the Senate and agree to their amendment to HB436. The Libertarian Party of NH asks them to say "yes" and move the bill on to the Governor's desk.

The bill is arguably an improvement over the version that passed the House, and so we would expect it to have a majority support. The bill provides protection for religious freedom and would not force any clergy to perform a marriage rite outside the teachings of their faith. So everyone's rights are protected.

While Libertarians would prefer that the government have no part in any marriage, until we come to that enlightened day the government should not deny people a right based on their gender nor deny them a contract based on the gender of the other party.

We've come a very long way in the past 233 years toward that dream of a nation where everyone regardless of class or color or gender or popularity is treated equally before the law. HB436 removes more discrimination and treats all our citizens equally in another area of the law.

Libertarians across New Hampshire look forward to hearing news of the final passage of HB436 and eagerly await word of Governor Lynch's support.