Daily Grind: The Kennedy Socialized Medicine Double Whammy

Robert Bluey of the Heritage Foundation has asked that we forward you the following message about an upcoming townhall meeting featuring Congressman Paul Ryan that you can participate in:


I wanted to ask if you could help us make one last push for Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) health caretele-townhall at 7 p.m. tonight. Anything you could do to help get the message out would be greatly appreciated -- whetherit's a retweet, sending the Facebook event to your friends or just forwarding this message.

We'd like to get as many conservatives on the phone with Ryan as possible to have a strong showing in the wake of Obama's organizing meetings over the weekend. You can register for the callat FixHealthCarePolicy.com.

You're also welcome to join us at today's Bloggers Briefing at 12 noon. Our guests include Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore and Marine vets Jessie Jane Duff and Ed Fitzmaurice from Military Voting Rights USA. Listen live on BlogTalkRadio.