“It is not a good idea. One story I read said the [Lynch’s home mortgage] tax would be paid by the banks. No, it won't, it will be passed through to the homeowner, no matter how they couch the language."


-Fmr. Democrat Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan On Gov. Lynch’s Disastrous Home Mortgage Tax (Blue Hampshire, 5/31)


  • The Portsmouth Herald Called Lynch’s Home Mortgage Tax “Completely Off The Wall”: “A proposal by the governor to begin taxing individuals when they refinance mortgages strikes us as completely off the wall. The federal government has spent billions trying to bring rates down and to encourage those who are drowning in mortgage debt to refinance at a lower rate. This new tax could make refinancing unaffordable and make our troubling foreclosure numbers even worse.” – (Portsmouth Herald, 6/5)


  • Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) Said Lynch’s Tax Would Devastate Families Who Are Already “Struggling To Maintain Their Homes”: “They are talking about the 1.5 percent transfer tax. I mean, what worse group of people could you hit? These are people that are struggling to maintain their homes.” - (WMUR, 5/29)


  • Former Democrat Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan Said Lynch’s Tax “Stinks”: “But to tax people who are trying to put their families into a better position with a lower interest rate? That stinks.” – (Blue Hampshire 5/31)


  • Liberal Blogger Dean Barker Said Lynch’s Tax “Shackles” Struggling Homeowners: “That's right. In a state whose Totally Awesome Pledge shackles homeowners to come up with the lion's share of revenue for the state, and during an economic crisis where folks are re-financing to lower rates not to buy boats like in bubble times, but to save their homes prior to foreclosure, some in our Democratic majority government are thinking of taxing them...” – (Blue Hampshire, 5/31)


o Barker: “This gets my vote for stoopidest [sic] idea of the year.” – (Blue Hampshire, 5/31)


  • Josiah Bartlett Center For Public Policy President Charlie Arlinghaus Called Lynch’s Tax “Stupid”: “As long as we're talking about stupid taxes, the governor just proposed a doozy. He has few opinions about the budget, but he's releasing a trial balloon for a brand new real estate refinancing tax.” – (Union Leader, 6/3)


  • The Conway Daily Sun Reports Lynch’s Tax Will “Deal Another Blow To The Ailing Housing Market”: “Real estate experts are warning a bid by Gov. John Lynch to level a new tax on mortgage refinances could deal yet another blow to the ailing housing market. In a late-session effort to patch some of a huge state budget gap, Lynch is recommending the Senate Wednesday consider taxing refinances the same way the state has traditionally taxed real estate sales.” – (Conway Daily Sun 6/3)


  • Senator Ted Gatsas (R-Manchester) Said Lynch’s Tax Will Hurt Families Who Are Trying To Avoid Foreclosure: “The people that are going out and trying to refinance their homes -- just to save it and not go into foreclosure or to meet difficult times -- those people are going to be affected.” – (WMUR, 5/29)


  • Carroll County Register Of Deeds Ann Aiton Is “Shocked” By The Stupidity Of Lynch’s Tax: “I have spent the weekend in shock of the news reports stating Governor John Lynch is proposing a tax on refinancing mortgages in an effort to balance the budget...What happened to ‘NO NEW TAXES?’” – (Conway Daily Sun 6/3)


o Aiton: “[Struggling Homeowners] did not create the economic decline, nor should they have to be the cash cow for an underfunded budget.” – (Conway Daily Sun 6/3)


  • Manchester Realtor Kurt Strandson Said Lynch’s Tax Proposal Shows “How Out Of Touch He Is With The People Of New Hampshire”: “Gov. Lynch's proposal for a 1 percent to 1.5 percent tax on refinanced mortgages, including home equity lines, is the most counterintuitive idea possible to these efforts. It demonstrates how out of touch he is with the people of New Hampshire and their current situation. In addition, it is a poor economic policy.” – (Union Leader, 6/9)


  • Conway Area Realtor Dick Badger Called Lynch’s Home Mortgage Tax “Ridiculous”: “That's ridiculous...To add another cost to refinancing a home, it just flies in the face of everything the government is trying to do...Everybody's hurting.” – (Conway Daily Sun 6/3)


  • Concord Monitor Political Cartoonist Mike Marland Called Lynch’s Tax “Just Plain Mean”: “Just plain mean...kick me while I am down with a home mortgage refinancing tax.” – (Concord Monitor, 6/2)


  • Developer Dick Anagost Said The Governor’s Tax Would Kill Development: "I mean, it would stop new construction and development." – (WMUR, 5/29)