NetRight Daily: Health Care, ACORN and Voter Intimidation

Corruption is ACORN: This video, released today from Americans for Limited Government, features prominent members of Congress calling on a halt of all Federal funds to ACORN.


Voter Intimidation and Politicization of Voters: Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) wrote the following post: "Last November's election was in many ways a high point. An energized electorate became engaged in a long and hard-fought campaign, and a young Senator captured the imagination of the nation. Turnout was high..."


Brown Bailout: Check out this spoof on the popular UPS commercials to combat the UPS bailout.


Paying Back a Loan Never Felt So Bad: When BB&T along with many other major financial institutions wanted to wash their hands clean of government funds, they were told that they would not be allowed until they passed strict tests, as ALG News previously reported. Even though Barack Obama said that he has no interest "in managing these banks—or running auto companies or other private institutions, for that matter," he has now granted a small few the right to repay their TARP loans. Why not all of them?


Be sure to get informed on the IMF Bailout:


A full reader on the IMF Bailout: Dollar in Danger


$100 Billion IMF Bailout to Aid Dollar's Downfall


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