Daily Grind: Defending America's First Amendment

ALG News is pleased to report that H.R. 1207, a bill that would audit the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and regional Reserve Banks, is picking up real steam. In the past two days alone, the bill has picked up 18 new cosponsors, including House Republican Leader John Boehner. As usual, ALG News will keep you apprised of updates on this developing story.


Defending America's First Amendment
Will the next great threat to Free Speech come from overseas?


America's Green Oasis: Washington, D.C.
While the nation is put out of work, government is getting greener, meaner, and of course—bigger.


Timmy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
If Congress fails to act to rein in the Fed, as Ludwig von Mises once said, "Money, like chocolate in a hot oven, [will be] melting in the pockets of people."


Once, We Would Have Called It a Scandal
Newt Gingrich illustrates how the White House, through GM and Chrysler, have wound up using tax dollars to pay off a political contributor—the UAW.