NetRight Daily: Jobs, Timmy Wonka and Automaker Bankruptcy

The Real Story Behind Jobs in America: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) writes: "From what we've seen recently, there is a huge difference between what the administration promised when they pushed the stimulus, what they predicted the stimulus would do, what they claim it has done, and what they have actually delivered."


Once, We Would Have Called It A Scandal: Newt Gingrich writes this great article in Human Events about the UAW and Obama.


Timmy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: The Federal Reserve Board, at the behest of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, has now decided to initiate a new program that will lend up to $1 trillion dollars for anything from student loans to small business bailouts. And his began the ultimate blurring of the lines between a commercial bank and the role of the Federal Reserve.


Rep. McCotter (R-MI) Discusses the Auto Bankruptcies: In this video, Rep. McCotter discusses the failures of Government stimulus in helping the auto industry.


The Job Oasis of Washington DC: As the national unemployment figures climbs to excruciatingly high levels, the American worker has been left grasping for some source of sustenance to alleviate the blistering heat of rising prices and evaporating jobs.


Defending America's First Amendment: As limited government advocates fight to preserve individual liberties amid the onrush of President Barack Obama's "Era of Obscenely Big Government," one fundamental American freedom that we must be increasingly vigilant in protecting is the freedom of speech.


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