New Tax on Health Care, Healthcare Tax Calculator!

You know what is coming ... Government run Health Care. What you may not
know is how they are going to pay for it.


They called the plan the "largest middle-class tax hike ever," during the last campaign. They said they were against it, they said it would hurt hard working Americans. Now, President Barack Obama and his allies in Congress, like Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid, are looking to a new payroll tax on your health care benefits, taking hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your pocket each and every year to pay for their Health Care "fix".


Americans for Job Security has created a Health Insurance Tax Calculator so you can see just how much more you would owe to the federal government each year. Check out the calculator and forward it along to your friends and co-workers.


Don't like what you see? Take the time to sign our petition and join the fight against this onerous new tax.