CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the budget process:


“As the budget process enters its final weeks, Governor Lynch and the liberal Democrat House and Senate Leadership keep focusing on the wrong choices for New Hampshire. They are trying to pose a false choice between job-killing new taxes and gambling. The real focus should be on cutting spending.


“The National Governors Association recently reported that governors across the country on average, have reduced general fund spending by 2.5% this year on top of a 2.2% reduction in their previous budgets. That’s a total cut of spending of nearly 5 % on average in states across America. There is no reason why New Hampshire cannot be as fiscally responsible for our citizens.


“When Governor Lynch says he ‘does not support across the board spending cuts’ he is using a weak and lazy excuse to avoid making the tough but necessary budget decisions. Families and businesses throughout New Hampshire have had to make across the board cuts to deal with these tough economic times.


“The only hope we have is that the last time Governor Lynch said he didn’t support something – same sex marriage – lo and behold we got same-sex marriage. New Hampshire should get so lucky on spending cuts.”





Governor Lynch Has Refused To Make Across The Board Budget Cuts During These Tough Economic Times:


  • Associated Press: “Lynch said he does not support an across-the-board spending cut as a solution. He called that option ‘simplistic and poor financial management.’” (6/11/09)



But The Non-Partisan National Governor’s Association Reports That Governors Across The Country Are On Average Cutting General Fund Spending By 2.5%:


  • National Governors Association: “In fiscal 2009, state general fund expenditures declined 2.2 percent—the first decline in actual state general fund spending since 1983. Likewise, governors' recommended budgets for fiscal 2010 represent a 2.5 percent decrease in general fund expenditures, which would mark the first time actual state spending declined two years in a row.” (6/4/09)



Governor Lynch Has Approved Irresponsible Budgets That Have Increased General Fund Spending By 5% And 17.5%:


  • Union Leader: “The first budget under Lynch raised state general fund spending by 5 percent. The second one raised it by a whopping 17.5 percent...” (6/10/09)



The Current Budget Proposal Increases General Fund Spending By About 7%:


  • Union Leader: “...and next year's increase looks to be in the neighborhood of 7 percent.” (6/10/09)