NRCC - Will Carol Shea-Porter Give Her "Consent" for Dems' Government-Run Healthcare Program?

Shea-Porter Has to Decide if She’ll Stand Up for Constituents or Get Steamrolled by Pelosi Again


Washington- As Democrats in Washington get ready to introduce their government-run healthcare bill, what exactly will Pelosi hear from Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH)? As Capitol Hill newspaper, Politico, reported today, Pelosi is supposedly telling her committee chairmen to “heed the concerns” of rank-and-file Democrats. So, if Shea-Porter doesn’t speak up, Americans will be at the mercy of those acting on what Obama previously called “radical and deceptive”:


“Last year, candidate Barack Obama zeroed in on a feature of John McCain ’s health care plan that would have taxed workers’ benefits, branding it history’s largest middle-class tax increase and saying it was too radical a proposition to seriously consider. Eight months later, President Obama appears ready to roll the same type of tax hike into his ambitious plan to overhaul the U.S. health system — if enough Democrats in Congress are willing to go along.” (Bettelheim, “One Tough Sell: Paying for Health Care Overhaul,” Congressional Quarterly, June 10, 2009)


“Voters in New Hampshire deserve to know if Carol Shea-Porter is willing to stand up to Pelosi to protect them from Democrats’ massive government-run healthcare plan,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Right now, it appears that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress want to do for the healthcare industry what they did for General Motors. If that is the case, is Carol Shea-Porter willing to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and stop the big government power grab?”


So, will Shea-Porter actually stand up to the Speaker and put the brakes on her radical healthcare proposal?


“In a closed-door session Tuesday, Pelosi assured rank-and-file Democrats that she won’t move forward on a bill without their consent. ‘We have to hear from you,’ one participant quoted Pelosi as saying.” (O’Connor and Frates, “Dems double down on health care,” Politico, June 10, 2009)


But, Nancy Pelosi’s hand-holding session may end up being more political rhetoric than reality, as Politico also points out:


“...Pelosi seems more reluctant to make fundamental concessions on this bill.” (O’Connor and Frates, “Dems double down on health care,” Politico, June 10, 2009)


So just how hard is Carol Shea-Porter willing to work to protect families in her district from having government-run healthcare forced on them?