CPR-Action - "Its the Spending, Stupid" Rally Announced on State Budget

"It's the Spending, Stupid!" Rally Planned

Rally to be held at statehouse to protest tax and revenue schemes in state budget


Concord – Today, CPR-Action, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC) and over a dozen other grassroots organizations dedicated to fiscal responsibility,announced plans for a rally, "It's the spending, stupid!" to be held on the steps of the Statehouse, on Wednesday, June 24.


Yesterday, Governor John Lynch announced plans to unveil yet more tax schemes, including a new tax on home mortgage refinances, as part of the House and Senate budget negotiations. The House and Senate meanwhile have proposed, among others: a 83% increase in the gasoline tax, a 5% capital gains tax, an 8% "death" tax, an increase in toll fees, a 25% increase in the home heating oil tax, and casino-style slots at five locations around the state. These revenue schemes are an effort to fill a budget hole caused by runaway spending increases that include: a 17% increase in the SFY08-09 budget and a proposed 8% increase in spending in the SYF10-11 budget.


Speaking to the press, Governor John Lynch noted that an across-the-board spending cut would be,"simplistic and poor financial management." Representatives from both CPR-Action and the NHAC called Lynch's remarks frightening and unacceptable especially during a recession.


Commenting for CPR-Action, Director Kevin Smith said, "At a time when most families are struggling to make ends meet, the legislature and Governor are ready to saddle them with an even more taxes or predatory gambling to solve their budgeting problems. It is hard to believe that the Governor would call spending cuts 'simplistic and poor financial management' when that is in fact how most families budget during tough times. It just further goes to show how out-of-touch this Governor is with ordinary families; it's no wonder he's led this state into the current financial mess its in. The rally on the 24th will be an opportunity to express their displeasure with Concord's inadequate solutions to the state's budget woes."


Speaking on behalf of NHAC, Honorary Chair and former State Senator, Goerge Lovejoy, commented, "If New Hampshire families are making financial sacrifices and streamlining household expenses everyday, shouldn't our politicians in Concord learn to do the same?"


The "It's the Spending, Stupid!" Rally is planned for Wednesday, June 24th, in front of the statehouse at noon. Details will be forthcoming.