NetRight Daily: Audit the Fed Update

Audit the Fed Update: Over the past week, a number of new signers have joined in the efforts of supporting H.R. 1207, the Audit the Fed bill sponsored by Ron Paul. The total number of cosponsors that are now on the bill has surpassed a majority of the members of congress and currently has 223 co-sponsors!


Keep FDA Away From Tobacco:The Senate passed legislation earlier today that would place Tobacco under the control of the FDA. See how your Congressman or Senator voted. Also, be sure to read this great article on the problems this regulation will bring.


"Mr. Brown's" Brown Shirts: I have decided to write an open letter to the Democrat members of Congress. And I'm sharing it with you, dear reader, since it helps illustrate anew why Mark Twain called Congress "America's only truly criminal class."


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