NetRight Daily: Walpin-gate, IMF and Audit the Fed

Walpin-gate: From the Washington Times comes this story: Congress ought to open an investigation, New York Times editorialists should be in a state of apoplexy, and MSNBC hosts ought to be frothing at the mouth. Without appropriate documentation or good reason, President Obama has fired a federal investigator who was on the case against a political ally of the president's. Mr. Obama's move has the stench of scandal.


$100 Billion IMF Credit Line on the Fast Track, or Off the Track?:Late last week, House and Senate negotiators agreed to language for what is now a nearly $106 billion war supplemental, bringing to the floor of both bodies legislation that has been delayed for nearly 2 weeks.


Interview with Ron Paul on "Audit the Fed" Tomorrow: Post your questions in the comments section until midnight tonight and I'll be sure to include them in the interview. The video will go up as soon as we get it edited tomorrow afternoon.


VIDEO: Five Reasons to Reject Class-Warfare Tax Policy: Kudos to Dan Mitchell at Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation for making this video.


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