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>>Chairman of BB&T Headlines CEI's 25th Anniversary Dinner

BB&T Chair Blasts TARPin TheWall Street Journal



End the Fed in The American Spectator



John Allison Receives Standing Ovation in The Street Insider



BB&T Chair Calls TARP a "Rip-Off" in The Global Finance Magazine




>>CEI Studios Original Production for CEI's 25th Anniversary Dinner

[VIDEO]It's a Wonderful Institute




>>CEI Comments on National Broadband Plan

CEI's Wayne Crews and Ryan Radia encourage the Federal Communications Commission to reduce government created entry barriers




>>Shaping the Debate

To Stimulate the Economy, Let it be Free

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young in The Washington Examiner



The EPA's Protection Racket

Angela Logomasini in The National Review Online



Bad Idea Blowing an Ill Wind for Insured

Eli Lehrer in The Galveston County Daily News




>>Best of the Blogs

Sinful Proposition

by Michelle Minton

"Now the senate is talking about increasing the federal excise tax on beverages (covering beer, wine, and soft drinks) in order to pay for the proposed $1.5 trillion increase in health care costs for those without insurance."



Supreme Court Vacates Stay Order in Chrysler Case, Refuses to Rule on Legal Challenges At This Time

by Hans Bader

"General Motors and Chrysler would have been better off if they had filed for bankruptcy last year, rather than taking federal money, since the bailouts have come with costly political strings attached, such as dropping opposition to costly CAFE regulations and other federal mandates, and bowing to political meddling in fundamental corporate decisionmaking, and have left the automakers with higher labor costs than if they had just ripped up their collective bargaining agreements in a standard bankruptcy."



Greider: Democrats Not Stalinist Enough

by Marc Scribner

"Greider holds up the poorly-named “Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights” as an example of where Democrats have been too easy on industry and too light on anti-commerce ideology. Moreover, his real quest, as he describes it, is “to force a moral awakening on the narrow thinking of the status quo."




>>CEI in the News

Risk Management Magazine-- Eli Leher




Episode 46: The Great Porn Wall of China

We start with the investors that are getting worked over by the politically-distorted bankruptcy of Chrysler, the ascension of the Swedish Pirate Party to the European Parliament and the Great Porn Wall of China. We then move on to proof that beer is better for you than water, a sign that airline travel may get more expensive, and an example of how voters deal with corrupt politicians. Finally, we wind things up with some very educational Olympic News.



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