FreedomFest - Why Did Steve Forbes Stay all Three Days?

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

Last year, Steve Forbes and a select number of free market experts spoke at FreedomFest, a three-day "Renaissance weekend" organized by my good friend and conservative economist Mark Skousen.

Like most big-name celebrities, Mr. Forbes planned to fly in, give a speech, sign a few books, and leave. But after seeing the line-up of speakers, debates, and panels, Mr. Forbes quickly changed his mind and stayed all 3 days.

Attendees were amazed to find Mr. Forbes walking in the exhibit hall or sitting next to them in the workshops.

Now, Dr. Skousen is organizing another FreedomFest scheduled for July 9-11, at Bally's/Paris Resort in Las Vegas, and yes, both Steve Forbes and I are planning to be there -- all 3 days. "I wouldn't miss it for the world," says Mr. Forbes. And I wouldn't either.

In fact, Mr. Forbes is so enthusiastic that he posted a complimentary full-page ad for FreedomFest in the June 8th issue of Forbes magazine.


"FREEDOM FEST was so good I changed my schedule to attend all three days!" -- Steve Forbes

I'm equally enthusiastic. This is a conference you can't afford to miss. It could change your life!

Most of the other speakers (including me) are planning to be there for the entire conference, and for good reason. Now more than ever, our freedoms, our financial assets, and our freedom organizations are at risk.

John Mackey makes a point every year to take time from his busy schedule running Whole Foods Market to come for the entire conference. "I love FreedomFest," he told me. "Wonderfully interesting people and non-stop intellectual stimulation. I'm really looking forward to FreedomFest 2009."

Last year 1,427 individuals came from all 50 states and around the world (as far away as New Zealand), a 42% increase. This year we expect even a bigger crowd. Skousen predicts over 2,000 attendees this year.

I say: Unwind, relax, and become un-reasonable for three glorious days. Join me and a thousand other free minds for the time of your life: FreedomFest 2009. Just think 7-11 in Vegas.

Mark Skousen, the producer, has big plans: Over a hundred of your favorite speakers, 9 great debates. . . . .Lots of good food and drink. . . . .beautiful people. . . . .and entertainment galore: Vegas shows and an unforgettable gala Saturday night banquet.

Nathaniel Branden said it best: "I feel an electricity here I haven't felt in years."

Every year FreedomFest attracts a growing number of free-market speakers and authors. This year confirmed speakers (in addition to me) include Larry Kudlow, Charles Murray, Steve Forbes, Ed Feulner, John Mackey, David Boaz, Steve Moore, John Fund, Brian Doherty, Doug Casey, Michael Shermer, Stephen Cox, David Friedman, Lawrence Reed, Floyd Brown, Dan Mitchell, Tom Palmer, Al Regnery, Bob Tyrrell (American Spectator), and Matt Welch (editor of Reason magazine).

Representatives of all the top free-market think tanks and organizations make it a point to be there, including Reason , Cato, Heritage, Fraser, FEE, and Hillsdale College. Liberty Editors Conference holds their annual conference there. And Laissez Faire Books is our official bookstore. (C-SPAN films us every year.)

I'll be there all three days and will be speaking on "Marketing Liberty: Magnify Your Business or Resign in 2009!" I'll give you my best strategies for doubling your organization in 2009. As Baron Rothschild might say if he were a marketing man: "Invest when blood is running in the streets!"

Great News! We have just confirmed that Ron Paul's road show, "Campaign for Liberty," will be joining us at FreedomFest: Hear Congressman Ron Paul, and Tom Woods, author of the NYTimes bestseller, "Meltdown."

What's it all about?

Think of FreedomFest as a Renaissance weekend where, once a year, free lovers come from all over the world to learn, network, socialize, and re-energize our batteries. We come together to debate everything from philosophy, history, science/technology, and economics to geo-politics, healthy living, and money.

As Jerry Cameron of St. Augustine, Florida, says, "FreedomFest was like having access to all the greatest intellectual food in the world and you just couldn't eat fast enough to sample it all. I can't remember an event in my life that was more gratifying than this convention."

Who should attend? Creative minds, book lovers, intellectuals, investors, writers, and anyone who likes to meet new friends. We have people coming from all sides of the political spectrum. As Berkeley Professor Alan Nelson wrote, "I'm a moderate Democrat and not a libertarian, but I thought the atmosphere at FreedomFest was extremely non-hostile, and I could speak my mind without making enemies."

"Clear and Present Danger"

At every FreedomFest, there is a World Economic Summit, and this year commands your attention. The theme is "Clear and Present Danger," with keynote speakers Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore, Charles Gasparino, Tyler Cowen, and John Fund, and an "All Star Forecasting Panel," with financial gurus (Peter Schiff, Alex Green, Fred Foldvary, Bert Dohmen) who warned attendees in the past two years about the growing financial crisis, and what they are predicting now.

The theme for this year's event is "Imagine the Possibilities." This year we are planning nine debates, including: "US Foreign Policy--isolationist or imperialist?. . . . .Should hard drugs be legalized?. . . . . Keynes, Hayek, Friedman: Who Best to Solve the Financial Crisis?" See John Mackey take on the Objectivists in "Randian vs. Conscious Capitalism". . . . .Prof. Richard Vedder take on Al Norman on "Wal-Mart, Good or Bad?". . . . .and "Lincoln on Trial" with Hillsdale Professor Thomas L. Krannawitter, author of "Vindicating Lincoln."

Trial of the Century!

On Friday afternoon, our big event is a mock trial called "Free-Market Capitalism on Trial," pitting prosecuting attorney Jeff Madrick, author of "The Case for Big Government," against defending attorney Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. Star witnesses include Steve Forbes, John Mackey, Charles Gasparino, and Doug Casey. The sparks will fly.

Plus we're organizing a science fiction/fantasy mini-festival, highlighting the works of Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Ayn Rand. . . . .Prof. Steve Watts on juvenile and adult fantasy in post-war America (Walt Disney's Fantasyland vs. Hugh Hefner's Playboy). . . . .Sacred text project (Rabbis, priests, Sikhs and other true believers talking about the Bible, Koran, Tao Te Ching, etc.). . . . .Professors showing how to write a classic. . . . .Prof. Art Benjamin on the magic and mystery of mathematics . . . . .and two French Canadians tell us "Why 60 Million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong!"

"FreedomFest is the most intense, rewarding, intellectual, create-your-own three day conference I've ever attended." -- Robert Poole, Jr., Reason magazine


Grand Finale: We Save the Best for Last

Attendees always love the grand finale: the Saturday night banquet. Last year's George Bush impersonator brought the house down--one attendee said, "I haven't laughed this hard in ten years." This year, enjoy another induction ceremony of the Free Market Hall of Fame, and an unforgettable surprise music group (you can "imagine" who it is).

For all the details, go to our newly designed Web site, (And while you're at it, listen to our new theme song, "Freedom and Gold." It's intoxicating.)

Registration fee is only $495 per person, $795 per couple. Call Tami Holland, our conference coordinator, or register online:


To paraphrase Ben Franklin, let's all hang out together in Vegas, or surely we shall all hang separately. Fly there, drive there, bike there, be there!

Yours for liberty,

Richard A. Viguerie