News from New Hampshire Council of Churches

During next week's Interfaith Week of Prayer for Health Care, "A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care" and a list of signers will be delivered to every member of Congress and selected members of the administration.


At this point less than a handful of people from New Hampshire have signed this statement. I know you will want your state well represented among the hundreds of people of faith who believe that health care reform this year is a moral imperative. We'd like to have at least 30 - 50 signatures from every state. Will you help make that possible?


If you have already signed the statement, thank you! If you have not signed it, please read and sign it now

. Then... forward this email to others who share your concern for health care justice. The deadline is Wednesday, June 17.


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In short, this statement envisions a health care future that is grounded in the sacred bonds of our common humanity; defined by compassion, especially for those who are most vulnerable; and reflective of faithful stewardship of our health care resources. It embraces a health system that is:


Inclusive, offering a guarantee of health care for every person regardless of individual circumstances.


Accessible, eliminating all barriers to the care which contributes to our health and wholeness as individuals and as a society.


Affordable, ensuring that we use our abundant health care resources effectively, efficiently, and equitably.


Accountable, calling for shared individual and institutional responsibility in a system of timely, quality and safe care that treats body, mind and spirit.


Please join us in this important effort to raise our shared faith values in public discourse about health care reform.