CPR-Action - 3 Additional Groups Join Rally on 24th

AdditionalGroups Join "It's the Spending, Stupid" Rally

Three Groups add their name to rally on the 24th on heels of sales tax proposal



Concord – Today, CPR-Action, after having learned of the Legislature's plans to possibly enact a sales tax,announced the addition of three grassroots organizations that will partake in the "It's the Spending, Stupid" rally planned for Wednesday, June 24th. Those groups include: Americans For Prosperity (AFP), Granite State Taxpayers (GST), and STEWARD.


Speaking on behalf of AFP,State Director, Corey Lewandowski stated, "AFP New Hampshirehopes that elected officials will do what many hard working families across the Granite state have done which is lower their spending. To propose an 11% increase in these economic times is a slap in the face. We ask Governor Lynch to veto any legislation that increases taxes, fees or state spending. To coin a phrase from Mel Thomson, "Lower taxes are the result of lower spending."


Also commenting, on behalf of GST was Stephen Stepanek,"While other states are cutting spending across the board, Governor Lynch and the Democratic leadership are increasing spending at an unprecedented rate which will lead to financial disaster for the State of New Hampshire and its citizens."


The "It's the Spending, Stupid!" Rally is being sponsored by CPR-Action and the NH Tea Party Coalition (nhteapartycoalition.org) andis planned for Wednesday, June 24th, in front of the statehouse at noon.