NetRight Daily: Audit the Fed and More!

Energy Reform for Americans: Rep. Bob Latta discusses the American Energy Act: Last week, House Republicans introduced the American Energy Act, an "all of the above" energy plan as an alternative to the Democrats misguided Cap and Trade (Tax) proposal that is currently under debate in the House of Representatives. The American Energy Act is based on three principles of increasing production of American-made energy, promoting alternative and renewable energy, and encouraging greater efficiency and conservation.

The Ongoing Presidential Policy of Inflation: In every major United States presidential election until the early 1990's, monetary policy was a major hot button issue. And believe it or not it even captured the popular fancy. For example, The Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum, a populist sympathizer, portrayed the struggles of the movement to add silver to the American currency in his book with metaphors and symbols.

Rep. Ron Paul Discusses H.R. 1207: In this interview, Ron Paul discusses the progress of his "Audit the Fed" movement, including how he will not be using a discharge petition to pass his legislation. He currently has over a majority of the House supporting his legislation.

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