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Tobacco Prohibition?: Last week, another bill was passed and signed into law that takes more of our freedoms and violates the Constitution of the United States. It was, of course, done for the sake of the children, and in the name of the health of the citizenry. It's always the case that when your liberty is seized, it is seized for your own good. Such is the condescension of Washington.


Unemployment: Who is really to blame?:As soon as newly elected Democratic majority took over Congress in 2007, they aimed their scope at setting a new minimum wage. Unfortunately, while the Senators and Representatives were patting each other on the backs for passing the first bill that raised the minimum wage in nearly a decade, they forgot to consult any economics textbook.


ABC - All Barack Channel: On June 24, Drudge reports, the network will broadcast from inside the White House to air a propaganda special for Obamacare.


Seeing Through the Rhetoric: Having relied on vague intangibles during the campaign, Barack Obama—staying true to form—is back to the same-old, same-old.


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