AJS Releases Health Insurance Tax Calculator

Washington, D.C.- Americans for Job Security released today an “Obama Health Insurance Tax Calculator.” Modeled after the calculator Barack Obama used last fall, this calculator is meant to show working families how their taxes would be affected if they are forced to pay income taxes on their health insurance.


The calculator is being promoted with paid advertising on Politico and TownHall.com.


“They called it the “largest middle-class tax hike ever,” during the last campaign. They said they were against it, they said it would hurt hard working Americans. Now, President Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are looking to a new payroll tax on health care benefits. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars out of middle class families pockets each and every year,” said Stephen DeMaura President of Americans for Job Security.


The calculator can be found at: http://savejobs.org/taxcalc.php


Americans for Job Security is an independent, pro-business issue advocacy organization established in 1997 in order to promote issues that strengthen the American economy. For more information on Americans for Job Security visit our website at www.SaveJobs.org.