NHAC - Smith supports an Income Tax to fund the state budget deficit

Committee of Conference Co-Chair Majorie Smith supports an Income Tax to fund the state budget deficit.


Concord, NH- The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition criticized Rep. Marjorie Smith support for an income tax, an admonished broad based tax. The House members of the committee of conference refused to support expanded gaming yesterday citing the “unreliable nature” of that source of revenue for the state with Rep. Smith declaring her support for an income tax.


Roger Wilkins, President of New Hampshire Advantage Coalition stated “This should send the message loud and clear to New Hampshire taxpayers that the 17.5% spending increase in the current budget and the proposed 10% increase is an attempt by the majority in the legislature to eliminate the New Hampshire Advantage by implementing broad based taxes. If the Legislature simply level funded the current budget and stopped the double digit growth that led us into the current deficit, there would be budget shortfall.” The committee of conference is due to submit their budget for a vote of the full legislature on June 24th.


New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Honorary Chairman Sen. George Lovejoy added “The budget wrangling going on in the House/Senate Committee of Conference is a one sided discussion of how to raise taxes and fees without any consideration given as to how to cut down their demands for more spending. Representative Marjorie Smith D-Durham who is Chairman of the Budget Committee said it all. She wants an Income Tax!” Lovejoy continues “Less spending results in low taxes which mean more jobs, increased investment and quicker economic growth for New Hampshire. If we cannot afford an 8% increase in state spending during a recession, it is irresponsible to move forward. We will be a great deal better off if we remind the Marjorie Smith’s in the legislature of that fact. Legislatorswho endorse four years of double digit spending increases fail to understand that it is a plan to forever ruin NH's economic recovery.”