NRCC - Question to Carol Shea-Porter: Where Are The Jobs?

As Obama Predicts 10% Unemployment, How Many Jobs Will Be Lost Before Shea-Porter Admits The Stimulus Has Failed?


Washington- President Obama said yesterday that contrary to his promise to “create or save” 150,000 American jobs, he believes the U.S. unemployment rate will reach double digits this year (Julianna Goldman and Rich Miller, “Obama Sees 10% Unemployment Rate, Chides Wall Street Critics,” Bloomberg, 6/16/09). In January, Obama’s economic advisors sounded cries that Congress had to pass the so-called “stimulus” bill if they wanted to contain unemployment rates to eight percent. So now that Obama is admitting that the stimulus doesn’t work, why is Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) still remaining silent on the harmful effects from the trillion dollar spending bill she supported?


"In January, the incoming administration predicted in a white paper study that without a huge stimulus package, unemployment would reach just over 8%, and would be contained at under 8% with a stimulus package." (Jake Tapper, "President Obama Predicts Unemployment Will Hit 10% This Year," ABC News' Political Punch Blog, 6/16/09)


“Since Carol Shea-Porter backed this massive trillion dollar so-called ‘stimulus’ bill, more than a million jobs have been lost and Americans will be stuck with the bill for years to come,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “It’s time for Carol Shea-Porter to finally admit that the stimulus has failed and explain to her constituents where the jobs she promised have gone.”


"Obama faces souring public opinion over his handling of the economy, which has shed 1.6 million jobs since the stimulus was signed in February. That total has far overshadowed White House announcements estimating the effort has saved 150,000 jobs, a figure that is so murky it can never be verified." (Brett J. Blackledge & Matt Apuzzo, "Spin Meter: Obama's New 'Accelerated' Recovery Plan Is Neither New Nor Accelerated," The Associated Press, 6/9/09)


Americans realize the stimulus isn't creating jobs. Even Obama is finally admitting what Americans already knew. If Obama and the American people are both able to see that the stimulus bill has not produced the results that Democrats promised it would, then why can’t Shea-Porter admit that she made a mistake in supporting this wasteful spending bill?


"[O]nly 31% of Americans believe the new government spending in the stimulus package creates new jobs. Forty-eight percent (48%) say the stimulus spending does not create jobs, and 21% are not sure." (Rasmussen Reports, "45% Say Cancel Rest of Stimulus Spending," 6/10/09)


"President Obama billed it as an adrenaline jolt -- a $787-billion stimulus package that not only would put people back to work, but also underwrite construction and energy projects the country had long neglected. But with the economy still sputtering and some experts doubting the program was meeting its goals, Obama vowed Monday to accelerate stimulus spending with the goal of creating or saving 600,000 job s by summer's end." (Peter Nicholas, "Obama Confronts Doubts On Stimulus, Vows Faster Spending," The Los Angeles Times, 6/9/09)