Hillsborough County Welcomes Goffstown District Court and Other News

The County has a new neighbor at the Hillsborough County Complex. The Goffstown Court moved from its old location in the lower level of Goffstown’s Town Hall to the second floor of the Bouchard Building. The court is one of six in the County and serves the towns of Goffstown, New Boston, Weare and Francestown.


The Bouchard Building is now a “secure facility” both for the protection of the public and the employees. When you visit any of the County offices, you will be greeted in the lobby by a Sheriff’s bailiff. Citizens will be asked to remove any metal objects from your person, bags will be inspected, and you will walk through a metal detector.




Please come and enjoy a free concerts and upbeat music. The public is invited. Please bring a chair or a blanket.

The dates and artists follow:

June 8, 2009, National Guard Alumni Band – 6:30pm; June 26, 2009. Rich Araldia – 6:30pm; July 3. 2009, Doug Bishop – 6:30pm; July 13, 2009, Kevin Farley – 7:00pm; July 29, 2009, Richard King – 6:45pm; August 2, 2009, Ronnie Chase – 6:30pm; August 20, 2009, Rent Party Players – 6:30pm.




The Board of Commissioners has finished our budget discussions. The Executive Committee of the County Convention is now in possession of the budget and will hold a PUBLIC HEARING ON THE COUNTY BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 16TH. The meeting will be held at the Bouchard Building at 6:00pm in the Bouchard Building in the County Complex in Goffstown (329 Mast Road – Rt. 114).


Selectmen and members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting which will be held in the Commissioners’ Conference Room. If you have any questions, please contact me at ccommish@rcn.com.