NetRight Daily: Don't Buy Cars from Government Motors

Say No to Government Motors and Obamacars: I won't buy a socialist car, which means I won't be buying a GM or Chrysler car for as long as the U.S. government owns huge blocks of the companies.


Krugman's Folly: Ironically, the current financial crisis was in large part precipitated through monetary expansion by the Fed in the first place. At the very least, it led to asset inflation in the housing market. This expansion was accommodated by easy money and loose credit policies. Through generally lower than inflation interest rates money flowed into the financial system on a gargantuan scale. In short, the spigots were on.


Fred Thompson Discusses Sotomayor Nomination: Former Senator Fred Thompson discusses the Sotomayor nomination and the RNC.


Support the Fed Transparency Bill: With a government that is completely unaccountable—responsible for more than $12.8 trillion of financial "rescues" in the past 22 months all on the taxpayers' tab—the need for a political party in Washington to find what, if anything, is left in the public treasury has never been more dire.


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