CEI Weekly: Battling Alarmists Over the Endangerment Proposal

>>CEI urges EPA to Not Ignore Climate Skepticism

Marlo Lewis smashes on the "regulatory cascade" that will be triggered by the Endangerment Proposal in a regulatory comment to the EPA.




>>Shaping the Debate

Farmer Brown Fights Back

William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott inThe American Spectator


Will Americans (Literally) Be Dying for ObamaCare?

Gregory Conko and Henry Miller in Forbes.com



Bill in Congress Would Make a Bad Situation Worse

Eli Lehrer in The Alabama Press Register




>>Best of the Blogs

Obama Seeks to Mandate More Risky Low Income Loans by Banks

by Hans Bader

Liberal newspapers like the Village Voice have admitted that “affordable housing” mandates are a key reason for the housing crisis and the massive number of defaulting borrowers. But Obama will not accept this reality. Instead, he wants to create a new “[CFPA]” to rigorously enforce regulations pressuring banks to make loans to low-income borrowers, such as the [CRA].


Clean Water Hoax

byRJ Smith

The so-called Clean Water Restoration Act restores nothing. That is a hoax. Instead it removes the restrictive and limiting terms “navigable” waters and unconstitutionally extends the Federal regulatory authority over ALL waters of the United States. This includes the driest desert areas that may only hold water for a few weeks a year during summer monsoon rains.


Obama Care: The Daily Horoscope of Policy

by Michelle Minton

The problem in the public discourse is that consistent meddling of regulations in America’s system of providing medical care has created such a tangled web of perverse incentives, subsidies, and unintended consequences that most people in this country actually believe that we don’t already have a government run health care system.



Obama's Speech to AMA on Healthcare Misses the Point

byGrant Babcock

Obama is not in favor of a euphemistically named “single-payer” system, no — but he is in favor of making some Americans pay for others’ health care, and for establishing a “Health Insurance Exchange” that would include a “public option.” Obama said that, “to help ensure that everyone can afford the cost of a health care option in our Exchange, we need to provide assistance to families who need it.”



One Policy, One System, Universal Service

by Jack O'Connor

Today, as the FCC invites comments on “a national broadband plan for our future,” no one seriously believes that telecom monopolies are a good idea. Even pro-regulation advocacy groups like Free Press now support “competition policies.”




>>CEI in the News

The Chattanooga Times Free Press--Myron Ebell





Episode 47: Persian Powder Keg

We start with the new Obama-Geithner plan for expanding regulation of financial markets, the protests over the disputed presidential election in Iran and the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of telemarketing robocalls. We then move on to the “beer bikes” of Amsterdam and some potentially scandalous investment choices made by Sen. Dick Durban. Finally, we talk health care with CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko, covering President Obama’s address to the American Medical Association and the recent Forbes article in which Greg and Dr. Henry I. Miller describe what an ObamaCare plan might actually look like (hint: it won’t be pretty).




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