NetRight Daily: Health Care, Health Care, Health Care

National Government Run Health Care: A headline in today's edition of Roll Call summarizes the health care debate this week: "More Hurdles for Health Care." Democrats struggled with their various health care proposals last week in the wake of inconvenient reports that the two health care bills in the Senate would likely cost in excess of $1 trillion and would fail to cover all uninsured Americans. This week, more problems are surfacing as Americans get a better look at what President Obama and Democrats are proposing to do.


Dr. Ron Paul: No Longer the Lone Ranger: In 1983, largely due to the policies of the Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and President Ronald Reagan, the American people were finally rid of the burden of astronomical inflation. The policy of the Carter Administration attempting to offset unemployment with having the Federal Reserve print money was at last at an end.


Also, congratulations to Dave from New Jersey Sportsman for winning the "Address me as Senator..." contest. And thanks again to all who entered!


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