NetRight Daily: ObamaCare, AmeriCorps and More!

Americans Want Smaller Government: David Boaz over at Cato looks at poll results showing that a more limited government is favored by a majority of Americans.


Getting to the Bottom of the AmeriCorps IG Firing: The board of the Corporation for National and Community Service, which oversees the AmeriCorps program, is made up of Democrats and Republicans, no matter who is in the White House. Having members from both parties is a congressionally mandated requirement for the national service agency.


The Last Stand of the Creature from Jekyll Island: We've seen this movie before. And one can only hope that this is the episode where the Creature returns beneath the high seas from whence it came, ne'er to return, sparing the Ship of State from ultimate destruction.


Socialized Medicine: Where there's "Hope", there's Death?: As with most newly created governmental programs, when Barack Obama released his plans to overhaul the American health care system, he wasn't entirely clear as to how the United States is going to pay for it. He claimed, of course, that he was going to be able to cut Medicare and Medicaid payments in order to finance his plan for ostensibly providing health care subsidies to tens of millions of Americans.


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