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The internet is now a virtual mall for selling young women and men.


Victims of human trafficking and prostitution in America are caught in a world they did not make or choose. They are trapped in lives of constant violence, abuse and fear. Today, the majority of human trafficking and prostitution crimes in the United States are happening on the internet – which means the criminals selling these young people have infiltrated every neighborhood in America. In fact, they come directly into your home through your computer.


Right now, you can send a clear message to the internet companies involved in this kind of exploitation. Tell them you want online human trafficking and prostitution to stop today.


To get started, just go to There, you’ll be able to automatically send written messages directly to the offices of your state’s Attorney General, elected officials and the CEO’s of companies offering commercial exploitative services of young people on their websites. You will also learn much more about the increasing commercial abuse of victims via the internet and everything you can do to bring it to an end.


If you would like to join us in this important work, you can get started immediately. Go to right now.


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The Stop Online Exploitation Campaign


The Stop Online Exploitation Campaign is a growing coalition of human rights organizations - along with caring, private businesses and citizens - with one thing in common: We want online access to human trafficking and prostitution to stop immediately. That is why we have built the technology that allows you to easily send letters of concern directly to Craigslist, other operators of prostitution websites, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., your State’s Attorney General, and your Federal Representatives, demanding that they take appropriate action to protect more people from abuse and possible violence.