NetRight Daily: Accountability, Dr. Obama and More!

Why an ObamaCare "Public Plan" Should Be An Easy Target:After Obamacare ran into trouble in Congress last week, the Left grasped at isolated questions in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal and CBS/New York Times polls, purporting to show overwhelming support for a government-run insurance plan. I was not impressed by the wording of the questions, and even less impressed by the lack of follow-up questions that would have tested that support.


Accountability Must Prevail: From Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC): When Bank of America, a financial institution with roots in Western North Carolina, acquired another financial giant, Merrill Lynch, our jobs and retirement accounts were decimated.


Dr. Obama's Swamp Root Snake Oil: Tough break for Barack Obama. Just when he is merrily rolling along peddling his socialized stealthcare as it were the most potent elixir since Violet Blossom's Swamp Root snake oil, along comes NY Times with a decidedly sordid tale about government medicine gone awry.


Pushing American History In the Wrong Way: With Barack Obama's new appointment of former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach to chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), new attention is being brought onto a program called We the People. This program is funded with the purpose for furthering the study of civics and bringing Americans together through their history.


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