NH Senate Republican Statement on New State Budget

Concord, NH – Today, Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon issued the following statement in response to Senate passage of the proposed state budget:


"The big spenders in the legislature have once again saddled New Hampshire taxpayers with hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes and fees. While people across New Hampshire are tightening their belts and reducing their spending, state government keeps spending freely. Total spending for the proposed budget is up more than $ 1 billion, or more than 10%, and spending in the state's general fund, once accounting gimmicks are stripped away, is up $ 200 million, or more than 6.5%.”


The budget passed by the state Senate includes over $300 million in new taxes, including $62 million for a rooms and meals tax increase, $40 million in new business taxes, $85 million in car registration fees and a 14% income tax on gambling winnings.