CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the passage of the Democrats’ disastrous budget:


“Governor Lynch and the radical Democrat leadership of the New Hampshire House and Senate got the budget they wanted today. They worked very hard to exclude the Republicans from the process and ignored every major spending cut the GOP tried to include in the committees, on the floor, and in the committee of conference.


“This is a disastrous budget that will have a devastating impact on New Hampshire families as they struggle to make ends meet during these difficult economic times. But as bad as this budget is for today, it is infinitely worse for New Hampshire’s future and its long-term job outlook and fiscal stability.


“In spite of Governor Lynch’s claim that his budget reduces spending, it doesn’t. It actually increases spending significantly – especially compared to what other states across the country have been doing. It is a shame the Governor couldn’t be honest about that.


“In spite of what the Governor and the Legislature have said about this budget being balanced, it isn’t. The revenue projections that bring it into ‘balance’ are as fictitious as the revenue projections the Governor told us were solid and could support the 17.5% increase in spending of his last budget. We saw that the Governor had to eat those words after the November election last year as he tried to salvage that irresponsible budget with executive orders trimming back expenditures.


“But the worst part of this current budget is that it depends on onetime funding that will create an ever-recurring gap between revenues and spending programs. These include the $110 million theft of the medical malpractice fund surplus – which, in fact, may be blocked by a court injunction in the next few months as the medical profession’s lawsuit against this expropriation works its way through the court system. Furthermore, the onetime stimulus money propping up this budget will definitely not be there in the future and the Democrats’ ‘smoke and mirrors’ changes in accounting can only be performed once. All this leaves an approximately $500 million dollar continuing deficit for future New Hampshire budgets.


“This is the Democrats’ budget. This budget is absolute proof that the Democrats are ruining the State of New Hampshire.”