Heritage - Energy Tax Impacts on New Hampshire

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on an energy tax that would add $4,600 to the annual cost of living of a family of four.


Here is Heritage’s analysis of economic impacts of the Energy Tax by Congressional District so you can see what the impacts will be on your community in New Hampshire.


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According to our Center for Data Analysis economic impact study of this energy tax (so-called “cap and trade”), key sectors of our economy are hard hit including, transportation, chemicals, wood products, machinery, paper, plastics & rubber, electrical equipment & appliances, construction and, of course, manufacturing.





An energy tax is not the only bad idea circulating in Washington right now. The next item on the agenda is so-called “health care reform.” That is code for “movement to a single-payer nationalized health care system.”


The Heritage Foundation is putting forward extensive research on the health care issue. Heritage’s website for the health reform debate is http://fixhealthcarepolicy.com/


The Insider’s latest quarterly issue is on health care and is available online.


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