CEI Weekly: EPA Hides Global Warming Findings

>>CEI Unveils Findings That the EPA Wouldn't Disclose

An EPAsenior analyst'sfindingson climate change are repressed because of its likely negative impacts on the Administration's campaignregulate carbon dioxide.



Also cited in The Washington Examiner



>>Shaping the Debate

Waxman-Markey: Death Knell for U.S. Jobs, Low Cost Energy

Bob Murray in The Hill



Trojan Hearse: 'Cap and Trade' = Economy-Killer

Myron Ebell in The New York Post



Will Congress Switch Off the Lights?

Iain Murray in The Washington Times



Accident Chasers

Christian R. Camara in The Panama City News Herald




>>Best of the Blogs

Commission Asks Justice Department Why Pro-Obama Thugs Got Away With Menacing White Voters

by Hans Bader

By dismissing the case, political appointees in the Obama Justice Department blocked action against a racist, anti-semitic hate group whose members included an Obama poll-watcher and city democratic official, who used racial epithets and physical intimidation to drive white voters away from a polling place in Philadelphia last year.



Minneapolis Drops $75k to Defend Stinky Tap Water

by Angela Logomasini

Minneapolis recently dropped $75,000 just to build a website encouraging people to drink only tap water. . . The site is part of a total $180,000 paid to a public relations firm to address this “pressing” issue. Why does Minneapolis need this campaign? Because their tap water stinks—literally!



Obama Administration's Anti-Travel Policies Hit New Low

by Marc Scribner

Now the Obama administration is imposing new restrictions on civilian aviation, requiring private pilots to reveal detailed personal information about their passengers and to seek government permission to leave the country, a first in American history. Even more frightening is the Department of Homeland Security’s claim that it is free to conduct random, warrantless searches of civilian aircraft.



FTC to Monitor Blogs for Undisclosed Compensation

by Elizabeth Jacobson

The Federal Trade Commission is drafting new rules that would extend its authority to encompass bloggers who promote products in exchange for compensation or giveaways. . . Applying these rules to independent, small-time consumer product reviewers and noncommercial bloggers who use AdSense oversteps any reasonable exercise of regulatory power in the name of “consumer advocacy.




>>CEI in the News

Politico-- Eli Lehrer



Atlanta Journal Constitution-- Wayne Crews



Miami Herald-- Eli Lehrer





Episode 48: Total Privacy Awareness

We begin with the top story of the week – the presidential election and resulting protests in Iran. We then move on to bad energy policy in Virginia, radio royalties for big music companies and the scandalous waste of bailout money. We finish with an interview with Ryan Radia on Internet privacy and some real estate-related Olympic News.




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