DNC - Thousands of National Health Care Day of Service Events Across the Country

Thousands of Service Events in All 50 States Will Highlight The Need for Health Care Reform and Demonstrate OFA’s Strong Grassroots Support for Passing Meaningful Health Care Reform This Year


Washington, DC – Organizing for America (OFA), a project of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) committed to supporting President Obama’s agenda for change, will hold thousands of service events across the country to highlight the urgent need to reform America’s broken health care. On Saturday, June 27th in small towns and big cities across the country, Americans will come together and answer President Obama’s call for service by organizing events for OFA’s National Health Care Day of Service. These events are being organized by OFA volunteers and supporters across the country with the goal of highlighting the urgent need for reform.


The National Health Care Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, a new initiative announced by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama that is challenging all Americans to help lay a new foundation for growth by engaging in sustained, meaningful community service in four key areas: health care, energy, education, and community renewal. The United We Serve summer initiative began on June 22nd and runs through the National Day of Service and Remembrance on September 11th. Today, the First Lady sent an email to the millions of Americans who make up the President's grassroots network urging them to participate in health care service events on Saturday. In the email, the First Lady said in part:


“I've just launched United We Serve, a national initiative to tackle our toughest problems by working hand-in-hand in communities across the country. We aim to make a real difference right now and bring more and more Americans into a tradition of life-long service to make an even greater difference down the road.


“I'd like to invite you to be a part of it by joining Organizing for America's National Health Care Day of Service this weekend. You can join up with other local OFA supporters to help improve health care services in your community and make a difference as we work to reform America's health care system.”


“Across the country over 45 million Americans are without health insurance, millions more are struggling to afford the coverage they currently have. Americans can no longer wait to reform a health care system that denies coverage to millions based on preexisting conditions and has Americans choosing between paying the bills and getting the prescriptions they desperately need.” said Mitch Stewart, OFA Director. “In the spirit of the President and First Lady's call to serve, this weekend’s health care events will be an opportunity for Americans to help their local community by participating in service events to highlight the urgent need for health care reform this year.”


On June 6th, tens of thousands of people attended OFA’s Health Care Kickoffs in all 50 states. During these meetings, participants talked about the urgent need for health care reform and crafted a plan to garner grassroots support for President Obama’s core principles - lowering costs, preserving choice and increasing access.


Suggested National Health Care Service Events for press to attend are below:


Salem, NH

Saturday, June 27th

2:00 PM

Salem NH Relay for Cancer
Salem HS Football Field
44 Geremonty Dr
Salem, NH 03079

Local OFA volunteers will be talking about the broken health care system and distributing materials encouraging people to talk to their elected officials about the urgent need for reform.

Keene, NH

Saturday, June 27th

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Railroad Square

82 Main St.

Keene, NH 03431

Local OFA volunteers will be doing a fitness walk and raising awareness about the President’s agenda for health care reform.