Sebelius Releases New State by State Reports Highlighting Urgent Need for Health Reform

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today released a series of new reports on the health care status quo that highlight the urgent need for health reform across the nation. The new reports are available at and include information on health care cost and quality in all fifty states.


New Hampshire’s state report can be found here:


“In states across the country, health care costs are going up and families are struggling to get the quality care they need and deserve,” said Sebelius. “We cannot wait to pass reform that protects what works about health care and fixes what’s broken.”


Each report includes data regarding the health care status quo such as:


Percent increase in family premiums since 2000.

The hidden tax individuals and families pay as a result of subsidizing care for the uninsured.

Percent of state residents without insurance.

Overall quality ratings for health care in each state.

The impact of failing to adequately invest in preventative measures that could prevent disease and illness.


“The American people have been calling for reform, and they should not have to wait any longer,” added Sebelius. “Health reform will assure quality affordable health care for all Americans, lower costs, and give more Americans the choices they deserve. The time for reform is now.”