AFP - Stop Government Takeover of Healthcare Now!

Dear Friend,


Want to know exactly what's at stake when it comes to health care debate in Washington, D.C? Click here to watch our ad that says it all.


The question is simple. Do you want the government to take over your health care and stand between you and your doctor?


Do you want government dictating to you when your child or grandchild or mother or father can receive even basic medical treatments?


Right now, behind closed doors, politicians and special interests aredeciding the future of your health care. Their end-goal is simple and frightening:forceevery American into a one-size-fits-all system.


But you and I can stop it. Because once our fellow Americans know the truth, they just won’t stand for it.


You've stood with us at Americans for Prosperity Foundation to protect oureconomic freedoms. Now, I'm asking you to stand with us to protect your very health care.

We've launched a project called Patients United Now to educate our fellowcitizensin targeted states to remind folks that “health care delayed is health care denied.” We're running television ads in Montana, Virginia, Arkansas and Nebraska


The ads feature the compelling, true story of Shona, a Canadian citizen who was denied a life-saving treatment under her home country’s government-run system. But, she found help –and, ultimately, a life-saving treatment – in the American free enterprise system.


Will you help us keep these ads on the air with a special contribution today?


Your tax-deductible gift of $25, $50 or even $100 – or whatever you can afford – will go a long way toward making sure this compelling message reaches millions of Americans in states critical to this debate.


You’ve responded so generously before with your time and financial support, and I’m truly thankful. I hope you’ll consider partnering with Americans for Prosperity Foundation once again to fund thiscritical effort.