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Word 'Patriotism'

We all do not agree on its meaning
by Tom Barnes, Staff Writer

Veterans see themselves as the very emodiment of patriotism, the very core of a nation's definition of that word. But do you know that not everyone has a hard right view of that word? Some very famous and magnificent people who have given much to their countries have been very afraid of that word, probably because it very easily slides into jingoism with very little provocation. Patriotism is a loaded word. It can blow up in your face if you are not careful and many people realized that. Here are some quotations to ponder relative to different views on patriotism. Webster's Dictionary lists the definition of patriotism as "love of one's country". Veterans generally speaking are very patriotic people. They have already shown that through their service to country. But does that mean that patriotism is by definition a word defined by extreme political views? Let's walk in that country for a while. Read More >


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