NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Out-of-Touch on the Economy

Despite More Job Losses Ahead, Congresswoman Says Country Is In Jobless “Recovery”


Washington- Rep. Carol Shea Porter (D-NH) revealed last week that she is out-of-touch with the economic downturn and the increase in unemployment in her home state. While her constituents are suffering from the recession in New Hampshire, Shea Porter met with city business leaders last Thursday and exposed her naivety to the reality of the economic forecast:


“‘I do believe the country is in recovery,’ said Shea Porter, noting that the rate of job loss is slowing. ‘For a while we were hemorrhaging jobs.’” (Ober, “Shea Porter reports on business concerns,” The Citizen Of Laconia, 5/29/09)


Meanwhile, Dennis Delay, an economist with the NH Center for Public Policy Studies and New Hampshire Forecast Manager for the New England Economic Partnership, said that the recession has yet to hit rock bottom in New Hampshire as residents are expected to lose another 13,000 jobs before even seeing the beginning stages of recovery. (“Economist expects more job loss in NH,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 5/20/09)


“As job losses mount and housing prices continue to fall, Carol Shea-Porter’s constituents in New Hampshire must be confused by her hype over a jobless economic ‘recovery,’” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “If Shea-Porter is so oblivious to the economic pain of her constituents, how can she be in any position to help solve it?”