Says state cannot afford price tag


Concord - Today, CPR-Action's Kevin Smith called on Governor Lynch to veto the medicinal marijuana bill citing the bill's fiscal note which, at the very least, calls for an increase in state expenditures of $250,000 for the next biennium including the creation of at least one new state position.


"We call on Governor Lynch to veto this bill because of the severe fiscal impact it will have on the state budget should it be signed in to law. At the very least, state administrators predict a cost of $250k to administer the program which includes the creation of a new position within DHHS, at a time when the Governor is considering furloughs or layoffs. Additionally, the fiscal note does not take into account the state's licensing and monitoring of the new "compassion centers" which will undoubtedly increase state expenditures beyond the $250k over the next biennium."


Smith added, "We continue to stress that the Governor needs to start budgeting like many New Hampshire families do - which means not increasing spending when times are tough. Now would not be the time to start adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to an already bloated state budget."


In addition to costs described in the fiscal note, CPR-Action notes that it has not been revised to take into account DHHS's additional responsibilities of licensing and monitoring the new "compassion centers" established to distribute the marijuana. CPR-Action estimates that these additional duties by the Department will only increase state expenditures, to possibly include the creation of additional state positions. The fiscal note can be found at the following site: