CPR-Action - Reacts to Passage of HB73

Says process of passinggay marriagewas tainted from the very beginning


Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith,made the following statement regarding the legislature's approval ofHB73:


"It isno surprise that the legislature finally passed the last piece to the gay marriage bill today. Afterall, when you take 12 votes on five iterationsof the same issue, you're bound to get it passed sooner or later. If only the Celtics and Bruinsgot to re-do each oftheir last Game 7's as many times as this legisalture has, they probably would've eventually won as well."


Smith added, "The process in which the legisalture has rammed this legislation through from the very beginning reeks of backroom deals and a subversionof the legislative process. It has certainly tainted the validity of the gay 'marriage' bill in minds of many citizens."